Edward Wechner's patents

My husband Edward Wechner's work - 2011 version.

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Chainless Biycle

Edward 愛看Tour d' France, 每次看到看到那些賽手因為 jamming the chain, 而lose the race又或跌倒甚至傷得很重! 這是他自此而很大願望設計出一款比chain drive 鏈條單車更可reliability賴性, 更安全safety, without losing performance and without increasing the weight of the bicycle, but also inprove the efficiency..

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Trench Casting Machine

It does dig a trench 300mm wide and 6000mm deep and fills it with concrete simultaneously at an advance rate of 20m/hour.

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solar power and terrestrial power

The world is desperately looking for alternative power sources in order to reduce greenhouse gases and with it save our planet. Opinions vary widely on what course we should take to achieve a more environmentally acceptable power source.

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Bowerbirds 神奇之處是他們是天才建築師, 為了吸引女性, 他們會建一巢(請看圖), 外面加很多裝飾品(有石塊/水果/果實/花葉/汽水罐... 所有有顏色的東西), 而顏色的挑選完全是由男性認為什麼顏色可以吸引自己喜愛的女性, 而已這些個人口味完全是從遺傳因子而來的.

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Guano 海鳥屎–War of the Pacific太平洋戰爭

昨晚睇咗一套非常好的紀錄片Chris Tarrant Extreme Railway Journeys Series 2  Crossing the Andes 安地斯山脈.

在影片開頭,  Chris 介紹了他要去睇 Nitrates Mine, 在19世紀Nitrates又叫white gold, 非常值錢是用來製造 gun powder 的 guano (海鳥屎含豐富的硝酸鹽). 

guano:  The word "guano" originates from the Andean indigenous language Quechua, which refers to any form of dung used as an agricultural fertilizer.
就是裡d 海鳥屎引起了War of Pacific,
自1883年後, 玻利維亞失去出海口,成為內陸國.
我知道雀屎都有用的時候, 是我睇咗 Nauru: An Island Country Destroyed by Phosphate Mining:  
不過, 佢地叫雀屎為phosphate, 唔係guano.